domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Varias sobre EyeOs

EyeOs sigue creciendo
EyeOs fue elegida como ganadora al premio Web Revelacion de Yahoo España
Por otro lado, sus servidores publicos vuelven a estar en marcha.

eyeOS 1.5 “Gala”

Esta nueva version incluye nuevos programas, como
eyeMessages (un sistema de mensajeria interna), eyeContacts y eyeCalendar.
Se agregó compatibilidad con todos los formatos de OpenOffice y MS-Office.

EyeOs en la oficina

Esto lo pego literal:

We think that with this version, eyeOS is now Business and Production ready, providing a really stable system to develop and port specific applications for every business. All problems regarding special characters on the whole system have been resolved, providing a much more stable user experience with the desktop and the base applications.

Since some months ago, several people inside and outside the eyeOS community has told us that had plans to use eyeOS profesionnaly. But even with companies being every day more interested about Open Source Software Solutions, they still would need 3 guarantees before moving to an OSS solution :

  • Being secure that the software will persist in the future
  • Predictability
  • Support

This is why we have decided to launch Professional Services around eyeOS, to give a strong base for spreading the eyeOS project in the business area.

We believe that being Open Source, eyeOS has great capabilities of being implemented successfully on Schools and Companies, providing Support, Personalization, Specific Development and Training to all those companies, schools and governments who are interested in.

We also announce today the availability of the new websites of :

The plans around Professional Services do include to contract and work collaboratively with people in the eyeOS Development Community with the new Professional Projects.


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